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CPL Detection provides high quality Leak Detection and Underground Utility Location for Residential, Business and Government throughout San Diego, Riverside and Orange County.

GPR, Utility Scanning, Leak Detection, video insprction



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* CPL Detection was the first utility locating and leak detection service in San Diego County.
* Over 40 years serving San Diego County from Escondido to Chula Vista and beyond.
* Leak Detection and Underground Utility Detection for business, government and residential.


State of the Art Equipment

CPL detection

* State-of-the-art Leak Detection and Utility Locating Equipment
* Providing accurate, non-destructive SAFE detection
* GPR (Ground Penetrating RADAR, Video Camera Inspection

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      BBB 30 - Cable Pipe & Leak Detection
If you have a leak, it is critical to both your budget and long-term property value that you take the right steps to solve your problem. Our team of experienced professionals can respond, usually within a 2 hour time frame in Southern California. No project too big or small. Locating is Our Only Business.

Don’t wait until it’s too late . . . if you think you might have a leak, Call 800-450-LEAK or
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