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Gas Leak Detection


If you are smelling gas and there’s a patch of grass that has turned brown or a tree that looks sick, you may have an underground gas leak. CPL uses flame ionization detector (FID) gas sniffers to detect organic compounds. This method is used over other methods because of its higher concentration and flame ionization sensitivity.Our technicians are fully trained and qualified to operate the FID  to detect where the gas leak is coming from. Upon completing the test, we will provide you with the location and size of the leak representing the potential hazard and provide you with the necessary information to initiate safety procedures and repairs.



CPL also provides the service of doing the required gas surveys for mobile homes and other facilities that are to be done on an annual basis.  We will then provide you with a report that states the location, type of leak, it’s hazardous potential and a picture of the leak. If you would like to see an example of our reports, please call our office at 619-873-1530.