Cable Pipe & Leak Detection has a fleet of over 25 full-service vehicles, each supplied with the tools and equipment needed to get your job done. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our highly skilled technicians have completed the industry’s most extensive training and certifications, with an ongoing commitment to adopting the newest techniques and locating methods.

Brad Belus is our company President and Visionary. He is involved in every aspect of the business, but more importantly sets the tone and direction for our success. Having been involved with CPL at every level since its inception, Mr. Belus has built a foundation upon which our company has thrived. This foundation consists of four core values: Company Pride, Humble Confidence, Expect Excellence, and Teamwork.

Deb Belus is our company Integrator, office leader, business manager and sometimes therapist. Her insight and vision have reshaped the way the company operates and meets expectations.

Our utility locating team consists of Mario Gonzales, Aaron Buber, Richard Martinez, Mark Coats, Kevin Walker, Alan Tirol, Stevie Hernandez,  and Josh Triplett. All have extensive training in both public and private utility locating, mapping and reporting, and most are certified to work in confined spaces. Our Utility Locating staff have various specialties, certifications and training that allow us to work in just about every environment in nearly any location, including highly restricted job sites. Aaron has done many of our larger projects including the San Diego Zoo, Del Mar Race Track and many Camp Pendleton projects. Richard and Josh are our Ground Penetrating Radar and ArcGIS mapping specialists. Mark Coats is perhaps our most widely trained technician, able to locate Cable Faults, find Gas Leaks, and runs the remote controlled Pathfinder Crawler camera. Kevin & Josh also run the Pathfinder Crawler as well as work on larger specialized projects for some of our area’s largest general contractors.

Our Leak Detection team is built upon a solid foundation of experience and knowledge led by David Belus and John Bauer, who have both been with the company for over 20 years. Jake Hazelebach, Jose Chacon, Mark Coats, Steven Ancira, Chris McMurray, Nicholas Ross, Dustin Kazinak, Ozzie Lubach, Jorge Lopez, Marco Lopez, Pete Maron, Joshua Mar, and Bryson Bolster round out the team. No job is too big or too small for our highly trained staff, whether its complex water lines, drain lines or irrigation and domestic mains, our technicians have done it all. CPL has the experience and expertise to find some of the most difficult problems.

A superior field staff can only operate with the support of an equally superior office staff. Ruth Hazelebach has been with CPL for over 20 years, and leads a brilliant CSR team that includes Keri Ewoldt, Clarissa Phillips, Megan Arnold, and Ivan Medina. The Utility Department support staff is led by Billy Boniface, Stormie Triplett, and Shannon Evans. A fleet of 25 trucks, technicians, apprentices can only be successfully organized by a sharp and decisive dispatcher, and we are proud to have Erwin Legaspi handle that job with style.

Teri Krummel is our Projects Coordinator and a company leader. She, along with Billy, Stormie, and Shannon, is in charge of set up of large scale public and private projects, including contracts, union requirements, and certified payroll. Cheryl Mosier has been with CPL for over 34 years officially, but has been involved with the company since her parents founded CPL in 1976. She has seen every evolution of the company and has been involved with its growth and success for many years. Cheryl technically oversees Human Resources and Public Relations, but she really is so much more to so many people.

Lily Kirk and Theresa Martinez-Warne handle billing and our Accounts Receivables Department.  Lynne Lucas rounds out the team and oversees purchasing and file management.