Remote Crawler & Video Station Sewer Inspection 2017-12-05T22:05:21+00:00

Remote Crawler & Video Station Sewer Inspection


Remote video sewer inspection provides an easy and an unmistakable approach to locating problems in sewer and drain lines. Before this technology existed, plumbers blindly probed through pipelines without any guarantee that they identified the problem(s). Although they were able to find the clog, plumbers had problems taking the precise measures to reach complete resolution. CPL can accurately locate further distances. From 6” to 36”, depending on the size, CPL can locate up to 1000’, make 90 degree turns and cut through the toughest conditions. Completely computer remote controlled allows the inspector to make report notes in REAL TIME and burn a DVD right on the spot with the detailed inspection report from the computer.




The remote crawler uses the most advanced and newest technology that can inspect pipes and maneuver thru blockages that were unable to be inspected by any other equipment previously. The crawler camera has the ability to pivot in all directions and can zoom in and out. With the video station we can print reports right on the site, adding any and all information to print out on the report. Our technician will then provide you with a DVD copy of your inspection identifying each current and potential future problem.

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