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Concrete Scanning
Using the GPR Method

CScan4Concrete scanning is yet another major service we provide using the non-destructive GPR method. GPR technology uses high frequency electromagnetic (EM) waves; wavelengths detected by radar equipment allow our technicians to locate objects within the concrete.

GPR has solved major challenges in concrete jungles like Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Inland Empire. Because of this cutting edge tool and non-invasive method, CPL can now easily scan concrete for any obstructions including metallic and non-metallic targets.


By using the state of the art GPR technology, concrete scanning just got easier. CPL technicians are very knowledgeable and well trained in conducting this survey, in most cases we can determine and identify electrical conduits, rebar pattern and its quality, post tension cables, measure slab thickness, PVC conduits, and cooling/heating lines. CPL will consult and explain what areas should be avoided when penetrating concrete.

For more information about our concrete scanning services or questions on how we may be able to assist you please contact us.