Allow our Professionals to Locate your Underground Problems

Our high-quality leak detection & underground utility locating team can inspect and find any leaks you may have. Services range from water & gas leaks to scanning your concrete slabs to large scale utility mapping. If there’s a leak, we’ll find it. Need to locate your pipes and underground cable locations? Call us before digging and we’ll locate, mark and, if necessary, send in our Video Camera unit to verify inspection.

With over 40 years of proudly serving California, Cable Pipe & Leak Detection is on call 24 hours a day. Offices are located in both San Diego and Riverside Counties, and we aim to respond within 2-hours, no matter where you are located in Southern California.

For Residential, Business, and Government Leak detection and repair:

Call Us: 619-745-1579 (San Diego) or 951-302-5057 (Riverside / OC)
CPL provides a complete range of Location and Detection Services, including:
Utility Locating

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Concrete Scanning

Cable Faults Location

Video Sewer Inspection

Gas Leak Detection

Gas Leak Surveys

Helium Detection

PVC & Non-Metallic Water Lines

Rebar and Post-Tension Cables

Leak Correlator

Water Leak Detection

Cable Line Detection

Drain and Sewer Lines

Underground Leak Detection

Slab Leak Location

Cable System Lines

Underground/Buried Utilities

Utility Lines

Water Main Leaks

Cement Slab Leaks

Irrigation Leaks

Electric Breaks

Sewer Pipe Location

Utility Line Location

Our team of professionals will treat your job, no matter how big or small, with all the attention and detail required to solve your issues. From Residential to Business to Government. Allow our professionals to help. Call today!