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Cable, Pipe and Leak Detection has been locating leaks and utilities for over 30 years and has worked with just about every type of company imaginable, from Federal, County and City Offices, Military Bases, School Districts, Hospitals, Correctional Facilities, Architects, Attorneys, Electricians, Engineers, Landscapers, Home Owners, Plumbers, Property Managers, Water Districts, Parks and Recreation Areas, Building Contractors and Developers.

Past client projects include:




San Diego Metropolitan Transit System
University of California San Diego
San Diego Unified School District
Temecula Unified School District
San Diego State University
Cajon Valley School District
MWTC Bridgeport




Camp Pendleton
Twenty-Nine Palms
Qualcomm Stadium
Santa Anita Racetrack
Sea World
University of San Diego




Federal Bureau of Investigation
Del Mar Racetrack
MCAS Miramar
North Island Naval Air Station
San Diego City Schools
Orange County School District
Petco Park